The Roadmap for FP&A Transformation

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Creating a digitally enabled FP&A team is part evolution and part revolution. It requires a dramatic change from how finance work is accomplished today, and then maintaining that perspective of continuous change going forward. Based on research and experience, this discussion reviews the key elements to planning and executing a finance transformation, from setting the vision for the future state of the finance team, to creating the roadmap for how to get there. This requires rethinking the structure of FP&A enabled by digital tools, the role of FP&A with the business, and the skills required to execute the transformation and then optimize the new structure. A panel of thought leaders share their expertise, experience and recommendations for creating and executing a digital transformation roadmap.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn the key elements required of a roadmap for digital transformation
  • Learn how the structure and roles of FP&A may need to change when implementing a digital transformation

This recording was originally delivered as a live event and is now available to you as a convenient and cost-effective way to support your learning and development while also earning CTP, CCM and/or FPAC credits.

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