Digital Transformation of FP&A: Board Access


Digital Transformation of FP&A


Credits: CTP 3.9 | FPAC 3.9 | CPE NA | CPE Field of Study NA

Updated knowledge of financial forecasting, its interactions throughout a company, and the tools to manage it, are critical to organizational success in the post-COVID era.  All financial professionals, from the C-level to the front lines, need to have an understanding of how forecasting will change as a result of digital transformation, automation, machine learning, cloud computing, and mobile interfaces. 

Brick and mortar revenue and expense streams with forms, paperwork, and human to human interaction are rapidly evolving into one dominated by digital interfaces, data driven decision making, automated processes, and accelerated processes built on platforms and data lakes and APIs.  Expert knowledge of the software and platforms to make these processes work is essential information in 2021 and beyond.

Learning Objectives

Review the basics of how data science, machine learning, and AI can generate predictions and recommendations, with special emphasis on forecasts applicable to FP&A Professionals 
• Discuss elements and qualities that affect successful implementation of digital solutions
• Interact with case studies of industry best practices in collaboration with top vendors and service providers

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Credits: CTP 2.4 | FPAC 2.4 

Transformations are managed through people, vision and a roadmap. Join Karlo Bustos and Eric Laurin of Board Americas walk you through the digital transformation process. Hear a case study from a client who implemented digital transformation at Cremer North America; what are the biggest challenges and rewards of the process. Also hear how digital transformation is changing the way finance is changing with an interview from Gregory La Blanc, Lecturer and Distinguished Teaching Fellow at Berkeley Haas.

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