FP&A Is Falling Short of CFO Expectations

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Credits: CTP/CCM: 1.2 | FPAC: 1.2

CFOs have been transforming FP&A for years, but most still give their FP&A teams low marks for delivering services that contribute to the company’s business strategy or value-added analysis. AFP’s President and CEO Jim Kaitz and Bain & Company experts, Michael Heric, Steve Beam, and Anup Juneja discuss their experience of working with CFOs across industries and geographies to highlight five key imperatives for improvement:

  • Lack of alignment or buy-in among business leaders
  • Sticking with the traditional approach to the FP&A organization
  • Inability to address critical gaps in skills
  • Inability to adopt or scale up new ways of working
  • Inadequate technology and data
Learning Objectives

- Implement practical actions that will help the FP&A (CFO) function become the stewards of value creation, not just scorekeepers.

- Better understand the CFO's role in effectively engaging in the business strategy process.

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  • Jim Kaitz
    President and CEO
  • Michael Heric
    Senior Partner, Global Finance Transformation Solution Leader
    Bain & Company
  • Steve Beam
    Expert Partner, Finance & Digital Transformation
    Bain & Company
  • Anup Juneja
    Bain & Company