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I'm a Mess, I Must Confess: Help for the "Work-From-Home-A-Holic"

Jun 15, 2023
3:00 PM
- 4:00 PM
Pricing: Members: Complimentary | Non-Member: $100
Credits: CTP/CCM: 1.2 | FPAC: 1.2 | CPE: 1.2 | CPE Field of Study: Personal Development
To be honest, we’ve worked hard these past two years and have developed a few BAD HABITS while working remotely. We’ve probably attended meetings in our pajamas or engaged in sleep-working to get critical projects completed. We may have fallen into the “just one more thing” trap—where five more minutes turns into an hour—or even prioritized work above health! If these habits go unchecked, they’ll affect us and how we treat others. This session pulls the cover off those habits that have crept in and enables you to take back your sanity and your life.

Learning Objectives
•  Identify and avoid unproductive habits that sabotage productivity while working remotely.
•  Learn strategies for dealing with stress and preventing mental exhaustion, burnout and fatigue.


  • Cheryl Thomas
    Global Payroll Tax Team Lead
  • Sherry Thomas
    Independent Consultant
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