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The Best of AFP 2023 | Cash Forecasting is Hard (Or Is It)?

Jun 11, 2024
3:00 PM
- 4:00 PM
Pricing: Members: Complimentary | Non-Members: $295 as part of the AFP 2023 Webinar Series
Credits: CTP/CCM: 1.2 | FPAC: N/A | CPE: 1.2 | CPE Field of Study: Management Services
To effectively manage cash, it is important for the treasury practitioner to master the concepts and techniques used in the process and fully understand the drivers of the organization’s cash flow. By mastering the concepts, treasury practitioners can discuss with banks and third parties how to create efficiencies in cash flow and remove any associated carry costs. Ultimately, effective cash management can be achieved by understanding how the company generates and spends cash and by fine-tuning forecasting models to achieve optimal outcomes.

Learning Objectives
•  Understand the components of a cash flow forecasting model, breaking the cash flows down to easy to define groups that can be trended.
•  Understand the importance of cash flow forecasting to the organization, and be ready to have conversations with decision makers on implementation.


  • Steve Phillips, CTP, FPAC
    Assistant Treasurer
    AZZ, Inc.
  • Jessica Segebarth, CTP
    VP, Senior Treasury Sales Officer
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