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The Best of AFP 2023 | Cyber Readiness for Treasury: Practical Step by Step Actions

May 28, 2024
3:00 PM
- 4:00 PM
Pricing: Members: Complimentary | Non-Members: $295 as part of the AFP 2023 Webinar Series
Credits: CTP/CCM: 1.2 | FPAC: 1.2 | CPE: 1.2 | CPE Field of Study: Information Technology
Corporate Treasury departments are in the direct line of fire for cyber criminals using Business Email Compromise, ransomware, social engineering, and other methods to infiltrate the company’s defense systems. Join this session as speakers discuss strategies for blending hi-tech and low-tech approaches to become effective in cyber defenses, performing routine data hygiene exercises such as data purges for enhanced PCI and PII security and erecting proprietary rails for payment requests or payment-instruction modifications.

Learning Objectives
•   Understand the internal and external cyber threats facing Corporate Treasury
•   Implement effective, approaches to help detect, deter and obstruct cyber-attacks.


  • Sassan Parandeh, CTP
    Global Treasurer
    ChildFund International
  • Andrea Mooney, CTP
    Cash Manager
    Childfund International
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