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Data Analytics for Business Results

July 16 & 18 |  1:00 - 3:00 PM ET

Member: Complimentary | Non-member: $95
Credits: FP&A 4.8 | CTP 4.8 | CPE 4.8
CPE Field of Study: Finance 

The Data Analytics for Business Results is a 4-hour training delivered by Dr. Prashanth H Southekal, Managing Principal of DBP-Institute. This training of 2 separate modules will equip participants with the basic data analytics concepts and skills across Data analytics domains. 

The Data and Analytics course covers everything from basics to advanced techniques. In Module 1, you'll start with the basics: what data and analytics are and how they're used in real business situations. You'll learn about different types of data analytics, various data science techniques, and why managing data well is crucial. We'll also explore descriptive analytics methods and hypothesis testing. In Module 2, we'll dive into advanced topics like predictive analytics and regression models, and we'll discuss how to evaluate predictive models and use data to optimize business decisions. We'll wrap up the course by summarizing what we've learned. By the end, you'll have the skills to use data effectively to improve business performance.

Learning Objectives
  • Understanding data analytics, business data and IT systems 
  • Applying data analytics techniques, deriving insights, and communicating the insights derived to the business stakeholders.
  • Make good and quick decisions using the right decision science techniques.
The 3 basic requirements to enroll for this course:
1. Decent knowledge of Business 
2. Basic knowledge MS Excel and 
3. High school level Mathematics. 

All the data analytics techniques will be done in MS Excel with Analytics + Solver Add-ins

For every 1 hour of instruction, about 2 hours of reviewing and revising the content taught are required outside the class to get full value from the course. 
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Sneak Peek

Data and Analytics Course

Module 1: Basic Data Analytics
This module provides an overview of Data and Analytics. You will learn why, when, and how to apply data and analytics in real-world business situations to measure and better manage the performance of the organization.

  • Introduction to Data & Analytics 
  • 3 Types of Data Analytics 
  • Data Science Techniques Taxonomy
  • Data Management and Governance
  • Descriptive Data analytics
  • xploratory Data Analytics 
  • Associative Data Analytics
  • Hypothesis Testing and P-Value

Module 2: Advanced Data Analytics
Advanced analytics is the process of using predictive and prescriptive analytics techniques to derive data insights beyond traditional or basic Data Analytics techniques.

  • Regression Models – Simple Linear Regression and Multiple Linear Regression
  • Evaluating Predictive Data Analytics Models
  • Prescriptive Analytics for Business Optimization
  • 8 stages in Data Storytelling
  • Course Summary and wrap-up