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Finance Agility: Change is Part of the Plan

Credits: CTP/CCM: 1.2 | FPAC: 1.2
Change and disruption are inevitable and so finance must intentionally build agile practices into its work to help develop resilient companies that can meet their goals in the face of disruption. Finance needs to pursue agility along three axes of action: 1) within its own finance processes so that it promotes agility in the rest of business and does not become an inhibitor, 2) within its people so that it becomes a dynamic, learning organization, and 3) within its technology and data, so that it can perform well itself and then deliver better services to its partners. 

Learning objectives
• Learn specific ways that changing finance processes may help the entire business be more agile.
• Learn ways the traits that can help your finance become more agile. 
Opening Remarks
Pati Nishiyama
Director, Product Marketing


  • Bryan Lapidus, FPAC
    Director, FP&A Practice
  • Marcus Gadson, CTP, FPAC
    Finance Director
  • Melissa Wong
    Head of Finance Transformation
    HarbourVest Partners