Painting with Numbers

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How well you communicate is critical to your effectiveness and your success as a professional, and make no mistake about it: presenting numerical information is communicating, just like writing and speaking.

This interactive and entertaining  5-hour seminar offers both a different perspective on and practical suggestions for presenting effectively all those numbers so critical to an FP&A professional’s job. Just as with writing and speaking, communicating numbers requires awareness and skill at three levels:

Knowing the rules—yes, there is a grammar to presenting numbers!

Having a sense of narrative flow—remember that you are telling a story.

Showing respect to your audience and earning theirs— the credibility of the information you’re presenting and your personal credibility are deeply intertwined.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn to present numbers to any audience in a way that is clear, concise, stylish and—most of all—effective
  • Capitalize on the parallels between presenting numerical information effectively and writing or speaking articulately and eloquently
  • Determine the appropriate use of tables, graphs, metrics and tools for developing and presenting information