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Mini-Course: Excel Tips & Tricks
In this series you'll learn essential Excel tips & tricks to help you start mastering Excel. 

This AFP Mini-Course has been approved for 0.6 CTP & FPAC recertification credits. Once you have watched all the videos in the course you will see a link below to complete the quiz. In order to claim the credit for recertification you will need to pass the quiz.
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Sneak Peek

  1. Autofilling
    1. Days of Week
    2. Months of Year
    3. Number Sequence
    4. Text & Numbers Together
    5. Flash Filling
  2. Paste Special
    1. Copy Formatting to another cell
    2. Divide or Multiply all numbers by a unique value
    3. Values
    4. Rand() to create quick dummy data
  3. Pick Lists
    1. From Database
    2. Remove Duplicates
    3. Create Picklist
    4. AverageIf() & Countif()
  4. Conditional Formatting
    1. Using colors to create a heat map
  5. Working with Dates
    1. Break off month, day, year from number sequence
    2. Splice dates together