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FPAC 1.9 | CTP 1.9 | CPE N/A | CPE Field of Study: N/A
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Course Description:  


This self-paced ESG Training Series covers climate transition risk, green bonds, and responsible investing. 
This first module on Introduction to Responsible Investing explores sustainable investing, focusing on ESG terminology and key concepts, incorporation into investment processes, and regulatory implications. With consumer demand driving growth in responsible investing, understanding this evolving landscape is essential for assessing investment risks and opportunities accurately.
The second module Climate Transition Risks covers two main sections: the importance of climate transition and incorporating it into investment processes. As an investor, grasping the myriad issues associated with climate change is crucial, as they can impact financial performance. Considering climate risks is essential for evaluating potential negative effects on asset prices and market valuation, while also identifying investment opportunities that address climate change effects.
The final module introduces Green Bonds and ESG debt market dynamics through case studies, reflecting the significant growth in this sector. Understanding Green Bond principles and their impact is vital as this market expands. 

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand how the changing climate is affecting society and the economy, as well as how physical and transitional risks can impact investors.  
  2. Learn about sustainability, responsible investing, and how to incorporate consideration of ESG factors into the investment process. 
  3. Understand the Green Bond marketplace, including main principles and opportunities.