Self-Paced Courses

‚ÄčLead with and Master Data


The goal of this program is to equip teams with a complete knowledge set to start working with data in a lean and sustainable way for faster and more impactful analytics.

With the pressing need to digitize activities, organizations are making data a priority. It is time for finance and treasury to claim leadership on these projects and be the actors of a data driven culture.

Engaging with data goes beyond achieving analytics and delivering reports. The data journey requires a holistic vision to align all facets of the domain with a common enterprise goal. It calls for architects of solutions that combine simplicity with scalability. It requires an impeccable understanding of data dynamics. It can’t be delivered without thorough change management and understanding how it affects human relationships.

Finally, it must always be focused on efficient and sustainable processes. Finance is uniquely equipped to lead the change and avoid the mistakes of the past.

1: Understand the Full Scope of Data Applications in Business
2: Architect Systems for Agility and Scalability in a True Partnership with IT
3: Lead Rapid Implementations That Deliver Quick Wins and Sustainability
4: Harness Data with Ease and Transparency
5: Lead Data Quality and Master Data Management for Best Analytics Results
6: Becoming an Advocate of Data Culture and a Change Leader
7: Design Processes for Performance and Sustainability