Self-Paced Courses

Painting with Numbers


Video 1 of 5: Introduction and Nuts & Bolts
This video covers an overview and basic premises of painting with numbers. It will then go through the nuts & bolts of presenting with numbers, including the Arabic numeral system, how numbers look on a page, the importance of words, and KPIs. 

Learning Objectives:
The basic premise of the Painting with Numbers Course
Understanding the Arabic Numeral System
Thinking more critically about how and why numbers are laid out on a page
How words should be included in reporting
Utilizing Key Performance Indicators

Video 2 of 5: Respect and Compassion for Your Audience
This video discusses presenting information in a way that demonstrates respect and compassion for your audience. Additionally, we will touch on excel a bit and the habits you should develop.

Learning Objectives:
Understand how to tailor information for the right audience
Learn excel habits you should be reinforcing

Video 3 of 5: Powerpoint/Oral Presentations
This video focuses on PowerPoint and presenting information in an oral presentation.

Learning Objectives:
Learn how to utilize PowerPoint when presenting your information

Video 4 of 5: Data Visualization
This video will focus on Data Visualization and the four questions you should ask yourself. It also includes a few random thoughts regarding data visualization and then some things we can learn from US Politics. 

Learning Objectives:
Learn how to best present your data
Learn the 4 questions you should ask yourself when laying out your data

Video 5 of 5: The One Report Every Organization Needs
In this video, we will discuss the Management P&L and how to design that report. We will also review the evolution of a great report and the process it goes through. Finally, we will wrap-up the course. 

Learning Objectives:
Understand how to create an organization-wide language for reporting 
Learn the steps to develop a report and best practices involved