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Payments Fraud and Cybercrime


Payments fraud has been a significant problem for companies of all size for many years and the growing incidence of cybercrime makes the problem even greater. This course provides participants an overview of the various types of payments fraud and discusses practices in fraud prevention and control. The course also discusses the growing incidence of cybercrime and account takeover and presents best practices in dealing with the problem. Additionally, guidance will be provided on what to do when, not if, payments fraud and cybercrime occur. Watch and learn at your own pace in this informative, multi-part, four hour seminar.

Module 1: Introduction: Objectives, Background, Fraud Overview
Module 2: Check Fraud
Module 3: Card Fraud
Module 4: EFT Fraud
Module 5: Internal Fraud
Module 6: Cybercrime
Module 7: Business Email Compromise
Module 8: Response to Cybercrime and Summary